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Nigel Wearden IFA

Philip T. English I.F.S LTD

Five Commitments

In my 20 years’ of experience, I have based my advisory process around five key commitments, which I believe add real value to my clients financial planning needs.

1. Truly independent fee-based advice

As an IFA, I must demonstrate to you and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), that I
provide impartial, unbiased advice. Unlike banks and tied advisors, the advice I provide must take into consideration all solutions available on the open market.

At Philip T. English I.F.S. Limited, we are truly independent and have no restrictions on the type of investments we are regulated to recommend, unlike many other IFA firms who may be restricted in their options because they do not have the required FCA permissions.

This may be particularly beneficial to higher-rate taxpayers and people with large capital
assets, as we can access Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs), Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS), offshore investments and pensions, and inheritance tax mitigation vehicles.

2. A personalised and holistic approach

Listening to my clients and understanding their individual requirements is paramount to
providing ‘best advice.’

Although you may be seeking advice in on particular area of your finances – for example
pensions or investments – the many areas of financial planning are interlinked and
interdependent. I always take this into consideration when advising you of your options.

3. A plan for life’s two certainties

Death and taxes.

These are critical considerations when it comes to your financial planning. I pay special attention to your tax position in every scenario we plan for; from the treatment of your pensions and investments when you withdraw them to the transfer of assets upon death.

In fact, I would probably say this expertise is the single biggest value-add I have to offer in
your financial planning. Correct tax utilization can result in very substantial savings. Poor tax planning can result in lifestyle-changing losses. I cannot overstate the importance of this.

4. Helping you to make informed decisions with confidence

Our goal is to ensure that you feel both confident and informed in the decisions that you make regarding your financial planning.

Following our meetings – of which, the initial consolation is at no cost to you – I will present you with the results of my research and analysis. I will give you clear reasons as to why I have proposed this solution, and also reasons why I have discounted other options.

5. The expertise and resources of Philip T. English IFS LTD.

Working at Philip T. English IFS LTD gives my clients access to the considerable expertise and resources of one of the longest standing (established 1972) advisory firms in the country.

As well as the team’s own in-depth knowledge, we are able to consult with associated
professional individuals/bodies in the pursuit of providing you with the most appropriate
advice, no matter how complex the situation.

We also have access to the whole market of products and solutions. This is, of course,
critically important.

I offer an initial consultation without obligation, where we may broadly discuss your situation and requirements before proceeding, if appropriate.

A full explanation of any costs will be advised after this initial meeting so that you can ascertain whether I may help you with your financial planning objectives.

Nigel Wearden

Nigel Wearden

Nigel has a wide experience of pensions, investments and taxation issues, and provides advice on these matters to individuals, companies and partnerships.

Having worked extensively in the financial sector, he now feels he has found his niche within the company, where he excels at providing bespoke financial solutions to suit his clients’ circumstances and attitudes towards risk.

Nigel began his financial planning career in the 1990s with Britannic, having previously run his own business, before studying History and Economics at the University of Warwick as a mature student.

Philip T. English Ltd.

Philip T. English Ltd.

Philip T English International Financial Services Limited was established in 1972, making it one of longest standing advisory firms in the country. Nigel joined the company in 2006.

Based in Chipping Warden, on the borders of Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire, Philip T. English advise clients throughout England.

In the nearly four decades it has been advising clients on their financial planning, the firm has become known for its expertise and integrity. It was this fantastic reputation that attracted Nigel to join the firm.